About us

EduConnex was founded in 2011 in Toronto, Canada. As a professional educational service provider, EduConnex has a broad vision on the development of international education and has been growing continuously since its establishment.

The founder Ms. Haifang Wang is a graduate from Queen’s University Faculty of Education, and has been working in the field of international education for more than10 years. With its passion and expertise, EduConnex has become a reputable international education service provider and helped hundreds of institutional clients and international students to achieve their goals. In the meantime, we have built a strong relationship with governments, school boards, and educational institutions both in Canada and China.

The services provided by EduConnex include:
  • International students recruiting for Canadian institutions
  • Consulting services for Chinese educational institutions on the Canadian market
  • English/ESL teacher recruiting and teacher training programs for Chinese institutions
  • Study aboard programs and summer/winter camps for international students
  • ESL study program
  • ESL teaching material development
  • University/College application guidance

EduConnex is a strong believer that through education, people can better connect to the world, pursue more possibilities and fulfilling more dreams! 。

English/ESL Teacher Recruitment

Associated with research organizations, kindergartens and schools in China, EduConnex recruits English/ESL teachers for the Chinese educational institutions.

Teaching is a great way of living in a different country, experiencing another cultural, and supporting yourself financially! The demand for ESL teachers who are native English speakers is greatly expanding in China as the younger generation are preparing themselves for educational opportunities overseas. EduConnex will connect you with high profile education institutes in different areas of Chin and provide you with training and orientation before departure. We also provide continuous support upon arrival through the local staff in China.

If you are a native speaker of English, with a Bachelor’s degree in any field, and have the passion for teaching school-age children China, then connect with us!

We look forward to working with you!

International students recruiting and services

Working with Canadian school boards, colleges, universities, and private schools, EduConnex brings international students to Canada for unique and rewarding study experiences!

High quality education has always been a powerhouse of Canada's competitiveness in the world, and attracts students from different parts of the globe. Great culture diversity, friendly people, safe communities and beautiful environment have made Canada the first choice of many international students when choosing a destination for study abroad.

EduConnex helps students pursue their education goals in Canada with comprehensive “one-stop” service. From school selection, visa application to routines after landing, we help the students with our care and expertise. Located in Canada, we have the privilege to provide continuous support to the students with further services such as guidance, custodian and immigration related consultations. These make us a great intermediate between students, their parents and the education providers.

Summer/Winter Camps in Canada

Participating in short-term programs in Canada is the best “trial” for the future long-term “study in Canada” endeavor. Summer/winter camps are the ideal opportunities for the students to enjoy the beautiful nature of Canada, experience the real Canadian classroom learning, and attend various unique activities and adventures. Seeing is Believing. With the first hand experience through camps, the students are able to make better educated decisions regarding future study planning in Canada.

Summer/winter camps in Canada are of great variety. We will match the students' interests with the themes of camps. With all other factors carefully considered, we will guarantee a great rewarding learning journey fulfilled with fun. In addition to regular classroom learning, outdoor sessions and field trips, we will offer opportunities for the student to meet with local international students/graduates who will share their own study-in-Canada experiences, which will be valuable references!

ESL Teaching Material Development and Teacher Training Program

In the process of serving international students, EduConnex has accumulated a great deal of first-hand experience with ELS teaching as well as abundant resources. Teaming up with top Chinese and Canadian research institutions, we are employing new technologies to develop ESL teaching/learning materials suitable for non-English speaking children and their parents. In these cutting edge materials, we apply new research findings from leading researchers in this field.

With the great support from both Canadian and Chinese higher education institutions and governments, we have also established a joint teacher training program with Canadian universities, Chinese research centres and education authorities. Through such training programs, the Chinese teachers will have a great opportunity to get a closer look at the Canadian teaching philosophies which encourage critical thinking, open communications and innovation.